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What Sets Us Apart

We Know What You Like

And we Like it Too

So all that's left is to deliver


Our selection process starts with only choosing flower stemming from genetics that are proven to produce, dense, trichome coated, terpene exploding, resin exuding kolas.  

We then entrust some of the most experienced and skillful cultivators, who form a relationship with the ecosystem they are nurturing, introduce rich and wholesome additives, develop a diverse and healthy soil, and create the perfect growing environment to fully express the genetic potential of these phenoms. This ensures an end product that is verifiably pure. 

Once the greenhouses and grow rooms are filled with massive, resinous, densely coated buds, and the vibrant cannabinoid genetic expression is in full maturity, the artist emerges to paint the canvas of harvest time.

The intensity of sensuous aromas ensure a robust flavor through a unique and divergent terpenoid profile. One might argue this to be responsible for the fulfillment of the user experience. 


A consistent, prolonged, elegantly slow dry ensures the hard work up to this point is preserved. The thick buds, coated in resinous trichomes, precisely begin to dehydrate as the flowers continue to ripen, and chlorophyll begins to degrade. The aromas all the while are becoming enhanced and intensifying. 

The artist must then raise his brush one final time to trim the buds to perfection, revealing the mats of trichomes that coat the dense floral structures. It is now time for the cure, where the buds are fully enhanced. Their journey is almost done.

The slow cure ensures the complete development of the hemp flower's flavor, fragrance, and experience. Only when all of these steps come together in perfect harmony, will the beautiful symphony of the user experience be able to be enjoyed to its full potential.

After the painter has finished his masterpiece, the beautiful flower buds are ready to be delivered to those that relish in the moments they can enjoy truly top-shelf cannabis. It is our job to make sure it gets to you maintaining it's freshness and purity that will deliver the user into a sensory euphoria.

DSCF3501 (2).JPG

Once it gets to you, well, who knows, it's your story at that point. I mean, we could speculate, but we suggest to start by enjoying with friends, and doing so in moderation. Whatever you do, make it great, even greater than the flower, and we hope you enjoy your experience. 

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