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100% Legal THC Products

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Why We're Here

We get it. Bad bud sucks. There's no better feeling than going to a smoke shop and leaving with a pre-roll, only to have it ruined when you find out that it's full of seeds, stems, or even worse, mold. Don't be fooled, good hemp does exist. 

Let us make finding it easy by trusting us to source the richest and cleanest U.S.A. grown hemp flower, with unique and diverse terpene and cannabinoid profiles for a euphoric user experience.

Please, feel confident as you browse our hand selected flower collection.


All of our products are grown using clean and pure additives, in perfect environments, both in the soil and the surrounding ecosystem. The growers we trust use sustainable and regenerative techniques. This wonderful combination is what leads to the development of unique terpene and cannabinoid  compositions that yield robustly intense flavors and aromas.

The best part is, it can be grown and enjoyed.....


Try our premium hemp, available online here. 


Benefits of Smoking Hemp Flower

"CBD Flower is possibly one of the most enjoyable ways to consume CBD"

  • Feel the effects almost instantaneously, as opposed to tinctures, creams, lotion, or edibles; inhalation gets the therapeutic compounds into your bloodstream rapidly and effectively

  • Good quality hemp flower is extremely aromatic, and delightful for every one of your senses

  • Similar to it's closely related sister, hemp can look, smell, and taste exactly like recreational cannabis, but it won't get you high, which makes it a great THC alternative

  • Hemp can be enjoyed as an alternative to more harmful products such as cigarettes and nicotine vapes, which contain all kinds of toxins

  • Smoking hemp flower results in the therapeutic benefits of the entourage effect, due to the unique full spectrum composition of terpenes and cannabinoids produced directly by the plant

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Who is it for?

Craving the flavor? Then you're in the right spot. We require our flower to have a robust terpene composition, which ensures flavor richness, and leads to an enjoyable taste and smoke. 


The resulting flavors, aromas, and effects can be enjoyed by anyone.


However, we have found that it helps if you have an open mind and adventurous spirit, especially if considering to try cannabis for the first time. You would be surprised how full of life trying something new, or maybe the first time in a while *wink wink,* can make you feel. Maybe the best part for you is, it won't get you high.

The potential bonuses from the entourage effect are just an added plus. 

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